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There were many changes taking place through the COVID pandemic. While there were massive changes in rules and the way companies were functioning, companies and businesses were unsure about how they would get through processes. With all these changes, there were many people who were temporarily out of work, and the Government was making a few changes to assist people with their taxes.

Every year, individuals and companies had to work on filing their taxes at the right time if they wanted to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. If they did not, there were fines and penalties that they would have to handle, which would be annoying. With the new changes, we assisted clients in making sure they benefited from them. There were some people and companies who were unsure about the process that they were going through. We had to make sure that we were constantly up to date on changes. We are unsure about how the future shapes but throughout the pandemic, we had to follow the rules and make sure that everyone was safe.

For the most part, COVID did not make many changes to our business. We came up with solutions and safety precautions to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. We would also work on changes that would make the entire process a lot more manageable with all the new rules and regulations coming about because of the Government.

Most companies would work remotely through the pandemic, but we had to find the most efficient solution when working. We wanted to make sure that our staff were staying very efficient, so we would have them come in, if they were needed. We’re in office during the tax season, but can work on returns, bookkeeping, and payroll remotely. The primary reason is that it really helps to coordinate when everyone is around.

It was not too challenging when it came to making these changes. The only challenges were that we could not meet when we had to because of the Government regulations. Considering we always worked both remotely and from our office space, we could adapt quickly to COVID. However, when we had work that needed to come into the office, and there were restrictions that would prevent it, we would find that inconvenient and lose a day.

Additionally, when it comes to meeting our clients at the office, we have to plan ahead. We cannot have anyone coming into the office unannounced because that would ruin the schedule. We strategically make appointments, so there are a limited number of people in the office at any given time. We made sure they would not gather in the lobby either because that could be a challenge. We needed them to schedule appointments and stick to the timings, otherwise we would rearrange an entire calendar.

Furthermore, we always have masks and hand sanitizers ready to go, and we frequently wipe down all surfaces to keep our clients and employees safe. We have to do this in all areas that gather people by group, whether the lobby and conference rooms.

While everyone was trying to adapt to the changes taking place, we tried to keep as much as we could to as close as it was in the past. We did not want our clients to be struggling to find us, so we held true to the work hours that we maintained in the past. There were times when we were doing more work now, because we would be catching up on pending work after hours and meeting clients and their immediate requirements with ease.

We also started adapting to new technologies to get more done while staying efficient and organized. This year, we began utilizing “DropSecure” which allows us to send and receive sensitive information. Through DropSecure, we are able to prepare tax returns remotely. Additionally, our clients can safely request prior tax returns, P&Ls, and other documents. For those unable to visit the office for COVID-19 or other reasons, they were allowed to sign electronically! These services combined allowed our office to adapt and proved useful in situations other than those related to the pandemic.

 We still accept in-person appointments and walk-ins for our socially distanced tax preparers. We operate in accordance with current CDC guidelines, and we want all of our clients to feel comfortable and safe in our office. We make sure that they are keeping everyone safe and that everyone is taking all the necessary precautions to get through the process.

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