Vendors, Promoters, And Event Hosts – Check Out The SCDOR’s New Events Resource

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Are you planning to host or participate in a local event or festival in South Carolina this season? If you are, you may want to look into these guidelines beforehand! These directions have been put together by the South Carolina Department of Resources (SCDOR) specifically for vendors, promoters, and hosts. It is meant to help them stay on top of their tax and licensing obligations.

These SCDOR events and festivals guide is a one-stop resource for information about:

a. Licenses and registrations: SCDOR will tell you if you need a Retail License or a different Special Event License, how many licenses you need, and provide details registering and payment.

b. Taxes: They will show you how to register for, file, and pay Sales Tax and the applicable local taxes. They will also cover Admissions Tax and who is required to collect it.

c. Food and beverage: If you’re a farmer, restaurant owner, and another kind of food preparer, the SCDOR will determine if your products are subject to Sales And Use Tax or are eligible for the Unprepared Food Exemption.

d. Alcohol: If you plan to sell or serve alcohol at your event, take a look to see which special permits and licenses you’ll need by going through SCDOR’s resources.

Nonprofits and churches: Churches and other nonprofit organizations are exempt from Sales And Use Tax but may still need to obtain licensing and reporting obligations. 

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